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Watch: Cop wrongly pulls over black Princeton students, apologizes and gives them a gift

After pulling over four black students for driving with a “broken taillight” that wasn’t actually broken, a police officer — who is also black — did the unthinkable: he gave them free parking in front of a Princeton hotel and engaged in a productive dialogue about why his alleged “profiling” hurt them.

One of the students tells the officer, “As black students, we don’t feel like we get that level of protection. We don’t get that benefit of the doubt that … regular white students running around Princeton campus get.”

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FIERCE is excited to be attending the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in Houston, TX! Be sure to check our our “Meet Me at the Crossroads” panel Friday night at 6:30pm CT where we’ll be releasing a new national report about LGBTQ youth organizing!  The panel is coordinated with our comrades at Southerners on New Ground.   We’re thrilled to hear from longtime organizer, activist and Political Education Coordinator at SONG, Suzanne Pharr, from activist, accomplished filmmaker and Executive Director of the Astraea Foundation, J. Bob Alotta and from FIERCE youth organizer and former National Program Fellow, Ana Conner.  The panel will be moderated by FIERCE Co-Director, Dulani.  Together we’ll be discussing issues confronting invisiblized LGBTQ communities in the Rural South and LGBTQ youth of color nationally and discuss how grassroots organizing has always been and still is a force for visibility, empowerment and change!

We’ll be streaming the panel on our ustream, so bookmark http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fiercenyc and tune in on Friday at 6:30pm Central Time Zone. 

In addition to the panel, FIERCE will be hosting a Base-Building Workshop and LGBTQ Youth of Color Caucus on Saturday. Follow us @fiercenyc and #MoveUpFightBack.



From The Grown Up Truth f/ Jay Marie Hill.

What advice would you give to a young professional?
Don’t settle with the idea of working the “traditional” job. The world is waiting for you to fill a need that only you can fill.  If you want to do something, just go do it. But don’t let fear stop you.  Also, do not underestimate the importance of having support system.  My parents have insisted that I live at home since graduating from my Master’s program because they know the importance of having a solid foundation in the years between 18 and 25. Even though it seems limiting at times, I know it’s actually the opposite and I am very grateful to have a strong support system.



Since 2008, FIERCE has been working to get a 24-hour LGBTQ drop-in center built in the West Village. After five years of organizing this campaign, FIERCE has decided to close out the Our SPOT campaign and turn our focus and energy to organizing against police harassment and for continued access for LGBTQ youth to safe public space along the Hudson River Park.  The Our SPOT Campaign has brought together hundreds of people and together, we have experienced many victories, challenges and lessons learned.  

Please join us for light snacks, good music, fierce people, and a night of celebration and honor!

The evening will include a campaign gallery walk and a panel presentation with FIERCE Lead Organizer John Blasco, former FIERCE Lead Organizer Desiree Marshall, Dylan House from Hester Street Collaborative and Alexa Kasdan from Urban Justice Center.


Date and Time: Wednesday, December 4 from 6 - 9pm

Dress Code: Whatever feels most fabulous or comfortable!

Location: FIERCE, 147 West 24th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY

Transit: F1ERC to 23rd Street

Questions?: email john@fiercenyc.org!



We know that our organizing work to get a 24-hour LGBTQ drop in center cannot be fully realized without maintaining the West Village as a safe space for our community—free of violence and harassment from the police, each other, and other communities.

FIERCE is bringing our focus to organizing against police harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ youth and relationship building between different stakeholders in the community. To successfully shape a West Village where everyone can thrive, we must build trust with each other and support each other’s efforts to achieve a vision of the West Village as a safe space that meets our needs.

This vision can only be accomplished by continuing to build new relationships and maintain existing relationships with stakeholders and other community members like allies from across the city who envision a safer NYC for everyone.

'Tis the season to… KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! 

We’re looking to go into schools, community based organizations, and service providing organizations to conduct know your rights trainings and/or youth organizing workshops for LGBTQ youth starting on these dates: Dec 16th, 17th, 19th, & 20th.

So, if you work with LGBTQ youth and want us to come through to your space, contact Organizer, Lee Jimenez at lee@fiercenyc.org or Lead Organizer, John Blasco at john@fiercenyc.org! 

We look forward to working with you. Feel free to spread the word! 

Hey you! Yeah, you! 

Are you a LGBTQ youth of color? Ever felt like making a change in your community? Looking for a safe space? 

If your answer is YES to all of these ?’s, then FIERCE might be the place for you! Come through to our new member orientation to find out more about what we do, who we are, and how YOU can be involved! 

Snacks and metros will be provided. 

For more information, contact Organizer, Lee Jimenez at lee@fiercenyc.org or (646) 336.6789 ext. 211!

check out more photos by NerdScarf Photography on FIERCE’s Flickr photo stream!


FIERCE sends a huge amount of gratitude to every single person who helped make our Pink & Black Bowl-a-thon a success. Together, we raised over $40,000 for FIERCE! It’s been unbelievable!

To our fabulous teams, we can’t thank you enough for working so hard for months reaching out to your networks, spreading the word, and collecting donations to meet your fundraising goals. To our sponsors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support helped to boost us way beyond our fundraising goal. To the all the fabulous prize donors, thank you for helping us show love to our amazing fundraisers and bowlers! To all the bowlathon donors, supporters and allies, thank you for every dollar you gave, for every facebook post you wrote, for every tweet you tweeted, for every second you volunteered your time, and for every ounce of energy and good vibes you sent FIERCE’s way. Last but not least: to the BAT Squad who made has been working tirelessly to organize all the behind-the-scene pieces of this huge bowl-a-thon event, we congratulate and thank you!

The 2013 Pink & Black Bowl-a-thon was truly incredible—-just like each of you! We are filled with gratitude and joy to be part of your FIERCE communities! Thanks again! FIERCE!

Friends! Guess what? We reached and Surpassed Our goal for the Bowlathon!!! We deeply appreciate ya’ll for all of your hard work! A big shout to all of this years fabulous teams who went above and beyond when it came to fundraising for FIERCE & the Bowlathon: “FIERCE” Is What We Call It!, Astraea Estrellas, Audre’s Bowling To Be Powerful, CAAAasaurus, Drag Team Supreme, FIERCE Alumni Team, FIERCE Board& Friends, FIERCE Member Team!, G.A.P: Glitterati ActuP, GAPIMNY, Ignite!, Jay’s House, Manhattan Comprehensive, NYC Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, ONYX Northeast, Rainbow Eagles, Streetwise and Safe, Super Babes, Sylvia Rivera’s Outlaws, The Bubbes of JFREJ, The Fruits, The Not So Pink Ladies, and The Spaceship! Can you please donate to support and encourage folks who are still fundraising to reach their individual personal goals! With love and Solidarity FIERCE!!!!

Hey Folks,

So we have 3 days left until the Bowl-a-thon!!! We are in need of fabulous individuals to volunteer on the day of to make this event a success! If you are interested in being a volunteer please email Bowl-a-thon Intern jah’dae at bowlathon@fiercenyc.org or John at john@fiercenyc.org. FYI : volunteers get in for free! See ya’ll on saturday

Hey everyone we are just 4 days away from The Bowl-A-Thon. Shout Outs to all the teams for fundraising $23,564 so far, we are really close to reaching our goal of $32,000 Keep up the Amazing work and  be ready for a fun day of bowling and costumes this Saturday

To our amazing 2013 Pink & Black Bowlathon Teams:  Your work to support FIERCE in reaching our fundraising goal is so appreciative, words cannot capture!  We feel the love and solidarity!

To the teams, fundraising for the first time, thanks for jumping into mix. To teams returning, thank for your continued commitment to supporting LGBTQ youth of color organizing! 

We are so excited to see everyone next Saturday 10/26 from 2-4 pm at Frames Bowling Lounge, as we bowl to our hearts desire in celebration of community, organizing and the belief that change is possible. 

With love and solidarity,

FIERCE members, staff & board

Team Shoutouts! 

Hey Team Audre’s Bowling To Be Powerful Your doing great! There is only 1 more week until the bowlathon!  Keep fundraising! Remember the amazing prizes!

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