FIERCE is an LGBTQ youth of color-led organization. We build the leadership, political consciousness, and organizing skills of LGBTQ youth of color between 13-24. In New York City, we organize local grassroots campaigns to fight police harassment and violence and increased access to safe public space for LGBTQ youth. Learn more at


Nov 5, 2012
@ 6:06 pm
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Post-Hurricane Sandy Update from FIERCE ~ Community Love in a Time of Need

Hi FIERCE Members, Supporters and Allies:

We hope this email finds you safe after Hurricane Sandy hit our city and region in such a big way.

As community organizers who intersect a lot of very marginalized communities, we know that our friends, families and communities are particularly vulnerable after natural disasters.  We recognize how this storm has impacted our communities- some of us lost power and heat, some of our homes have sustained damage or been destroyed entirely, and many people have been without access to services that we depend on. As a community that deals with homelessness on a daily basis, the impacts of this are particularly devastating. For example, we were notified that the Ali Forney Drop in Center in Chelsea is completely destroyed and will not re-open in the immediate future.  We recognize this is a resource for many queer and trans youth in NYC and mourn this loss. 

In the face of all this hardship, we also want to lift up the incredible grassroots work that’s been happening to meet the immediate needs of impacted communities.  Our allies at CAAAV, GOLES, and ALP have all been opening their doors these past several days to provide supplies and organize supporters and volunteers to reach out to community members.  We’re also excited to hear that Project S.O.L., The Hetrick-Martin Institute, and the Door, are reopened as well.  Additionally, Queer for Economic Justice, located in our building (147 West 24th St.), is also open!

FIERCE is also happy to let you know that as of today, our doors are also open! We’ve amended our drop-in schedule to accommodate longer hours when possible and have pooled together some resources to support not only our membership, but our constituency of LGBTQ Youth of Color, with warm meals.  We have power.  Our phones and computer labs are fully functional.

FIERCE is located at 147 West 24th Street, 6th Fl, New York, NY. 
F, 1, E, R, C - to 23rd Street.


+Monday, November 5th, 2012
Open to all LGBTQ Youth of Color
Drop-in: 4-8pm
Hot Dinner @ 6pm

+Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
Drop in: 2-8pm
Membership Meeting 4-8pm

+Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
Open to all LGBTQ Youth of Color
Drop in: 2-6pm
Hot food @ 3-5pm

** We’re planning to close @ 6pm because of Nor-Eastern front.  Will keep people updated as things progress.

+Thursday, November 8th, 2012
Open to all LGBTQ Youth of Color
Drop-in: 2-10pm
Hot Dinner @ 6pm

+Friday, November 9th, 2012
Open to all LGBTQ Youth of Color
Drop-in: 2-10pm
Hot Dinner @ 6pm

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